General overview:

From the outside, you can see that the "Parrot House" is painted in vivid colors to reflect the variegated nations of its residents. The name (“Parrot House”) says it all! The different buildings represent the different continents and the floors proudly uphold the names and flags of the different native countries of most of our residents. This is illustrated by the colorful wall paintings relating to each nation (by our artist) which give a pleasant ambience to each floor.  Built in 1972 and modernized in 2012, this house constantly hosts more than 400 students who find a comfortable abode here during their university years.


Our dormitory distinguishes itself by its optimal location in regard to the university facilities. The close vicinity to the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) is one of the great advantages of our domicile. The university is about two minutes away by the metro. Or if you want take a pleasant walk through the woods, this takes about fifteen minutes. About 100 meters away from our dormitory buildings, there are many shopping opportunities such as supermarkets, a pharmacy, a bank, and a hairdresser. About ten minutes away (on the way by foot to the university), you can take advantage of the UNI-CENTER, a kind of shopping mall with more than one hundred different enterprises, supermarkets, restaurants, travel agencies and other services. Here you can also get in contact with the branch office of the local authorities (registry office, etc.) and a number of different health insurance companies.

What the dormitories offer:

There are washing machines and dryers in the basement which can be used for reasonable prices.

There are two large parking levels with places to lock up your bicycles.

Our maintenance man is available for any repairs needed. If you have any other problems, just go to the administrative office.